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Version 8.10.0 Changelog (2022-11-04)

WebViewer Core


  • Updated the search results highlights so that they are multiply blended with the page content
  • Added support for consumption-based licenses to be used with WebViewer
  • Added enableCreationWhileSelecting API to allow for adding FreeText annotations while other annotations are still selected


  • Fixed issue where viewing in viewport render mode caused the next page to flicker
  • Fixed issue with automatic links not being generated in XOD files
  • Fixed the issue where the crop tool isn't available after an image is loaded into WebViewer
  • Fixed bug where setting the AutoSizeTypes of FreeText annotation will not resize the annotation properly
  • Fixed issue with invalid default scale values on tools (please clear your cache first)
  • Fixed issue where bookmarks pointing to URL were not being rendered in the outline panel
  • Fixed issue where extra space was added when opening DOCX file
  • Removed the duplicate Language option in the Settings menu in the Language demo
  • Added .getFileSize() API support for image files

WebViewer UI


  • Added UI feature of dashed stroke styles for annotations in the styling popup dialog
  • Added new Settings modal to change WebViewer behaviours
  • Added new API to sign signature widgets without having to find and click through them
  • Added Advanced Setting tab for Settings Modal
  • Added the ability to open the page manipulation overlay in the left menu by right-clicking on any page thumbnails
  • Updated shapes and insert toolbar defaults
  • Changed tool changing behavior to also change to the toolbar group that contains the tool
  • Blank pages can now be added using the new Insert Page Modal. The modal allows users to specify where to add blank pages and how many to add as well as what dimensions the pages should have
  • Added APIs for enabling/disabling the ability to open the page manipulation overlay in the left menu by right-clicking on any page thumbnails
  • Added Saved Signatures tab to Signature Modal that can be enabled using instance.UI.enableFeatures([instance.UI.Feature.SavedSignaturesTab])
  • Added new API for reply attachment handler to support uploading attachments to the cloud
  • Added Insert New Page Modal to provide specifications on where to insert new pages, how many new pages to add, and also choose the dimensions of new blank pages to be inserted
  • Added new save options to save as PDF or Image
  • Added new save options to save specific pages
  • Added option to save with different filenames
  • Added a focus trap on the Annotation popup to improve the accessibility of this component. The user can now use the Tab / Shift +Tab keys to go through the popup options without using the mouse.
  • Added a new API to apply a signature to a signature widget which is rotated and resized to fit appropriately.


  • Fixed issue in onError callback of UI.loadDocument that prevented users from displaying custom error message with UI.displayErrorMessage
  • Fixed issue with copy-pasting when using WebViewer in a domain that is not using HTTPS
  • Fixed issue where the Scale Overlay dropdown was not working in Safari
  • Fixed issue where selecting multiple pages from view mode and using the popup will not work
  • Fixes issue where changing Tool style on mobile would not update newly created annotations.
  • Fixed issue where the search was not working in the redaction panel
  • Fixed bug where opening a callout tool group style crashes WebViewer
  • Fixed setCustomModal deprecated warning
  • Fixed bug where the close button tooltip will linger on a document. Mitigated tooltip lingering on toolbar buttons.
  • Fixed issue where the ToolStyle popup was not closing when users clicked outside of it
  • Fixed the bug that replies disappearing when auto-expanded
  • Fixed bug where measurement snapping checkbox wasn't rendering when using forceClientSideInit
  • Fixed issue where the search would not be triggered if the options (Case sensitive and Whole word) changed
  • Fixed issue with a downloaded digitally signed document
  • Fixes style popups and font-change persistence in the FreeText tool
  • Fixed the bug that when opening the Language modal, no language is selected sometimes
  • Fixed issue where WebViewer would throw an error if instance.UI.closeDocument() was called
  • Fixed issue where the Edit Text toolbar was being enabled after going into form-building mode
  • Update on setTranslations API documentation to fix the suggested TS typing
  • Improved the responsiveness of notes panel after calling dangerouslySetNoteTransformFunction API
  • Fixed issue where the Language Modal would not be in sync after changing the language programmatically twice
  • Fixed various Multi-tab issues and added improvements
  • Fixed issue where the language modal was not updated after the language was set programmatically
  • Fixed issue that after adding new tabs and trying to come back to the first tab, an error was being thrown and the thumbnails for that document broken
  • Fixed issue where the form field indicator component would break on document onload
  • Fixed issue where the open file modal would not close when adding the first tab in the multi-tab view
  • Fixed issue where the open file panel would not show up when WebViewer is loaded with multi-tab turned on and without initial documents loaded
  • Fixed issue where the Update Scale button couldn't be disabled from the Scale Modal
  • Fixed issue where scrolling didn't work when in zoomed-in page-by-page mode

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