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Version 8.3.3 Changelog (2022-03-25)

WebViewer Core


  • Fixed issue where default values for form fields would not be displayed
  • Fixed issue where WebViewer would throw an error if Text Markup annotations with no visible quads have to be rerendered
  • Fixed issue where cross-origin errors were not being caught
  • Fixed issue where the search up would not work properly
  • Fixed issue where path based annotations would disappear when the page is rotated if the annotation's padding is equal to the annotation stroke width
  • Removed unnecessary appearance drawing after setting custom container style on widget annotations
  • Removed empty parent fields after renaming all children
  • Resolved issue where the WebViewer promise was not resolving in certain scenarios
  • Resolved issue where the text of a Freetext annotation disappears after dismissing the keyboard

WebViewer UI


  • Fixed issue where a warning about unique keys would be logged if the Thumbnails Panel were open
  • Fixed issue where Freetext annotations text previews were not searchable
  • Fixed issue that was hindering the Thumbnails Panel performance
  • Fixed issue where the note state tooltip would still be visible even after clicking an item from the state dropdown

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