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Version 8.4.0 Changelog (2022-04-04)

WebViewer Core



  • Fixed issue that when deleting a page, the bookmark of the deleted page still shows
  • Fixed issue that with calling extractPages with page number greater than the page count and loadAsPDF true
  • Fixed issue where measurement arrow tips would slightly poke past leader lines
  • Fixed issue where warning is displayed if full API is enabled and the document loaded is not a PDF
  • Fixed issue where automatic linkifying of text didn't work if the link was uppercase
  • Fixed issue where setting a custom external path for office documents wasn't applied correctly
  • Fixed issue with form field placeholders when moving across pages
  • Fixed issue with embedded JavaScript where the correct type wasn't given for numbers in text fields
  • Fixed issue where error is thrown when deleting hundreds of pages from thumbnail panel
  • Fixed issue with setting hour and minute when selecting a date or today
  • Fixed i18n locale issue in date picker when there is an invalid date
  • Fixed issue that Cloudy Area Measurement Tool not in generated TypeScript file
  • Fixed issue where if the value returned from getDisplayAuthor has changed then the author name wouldn't update in the notes panel
  • Fixed issue where editing text on a particular document would cause some characters to be missing
  • Fixed Windows touch device error
  • Fixed issues where loading documents quickly with the full API enabled could cause errors in the console
  • Fixed issue where XOD transparency groups were not handled properly when constructing text information
  • Fixed issue where 3D annotations wouldn't appear in IE11

WebViewer UI


  • Added a new redaction panel which only displays redaction annotations and includes search functionality. Users can search for predetermined patterns and mark for redaction, as well as redact directly from this panel.
  • Added a new document crop popup which allows users to switch between cropping an entire document or an individual page, adjust the size of the crop using input fields, change the units of measurement being shown in the input fields, and use an auto-trim to crop the document to a preset size.
  • Added new language switcher for switching the current language
  • Updated UI styles for content edit modal
  • Updated UI for file attachments with the multi-tab feature
  • Added support for displaying measurements with imperial units and fractions
  • Added new APIs on the UI.Fonts namespaces to get, add, updated and remove fonts for the UI related to annotations
  • Added new API UI.VerificationOptions.loadTrustList so that you can store and load inputted items
  • Added new API UI.getAvailableLanguages to return all available languages as a list
  • Added new API UI.willUseEmbeddedPrinting which returns true if embedded printing will be used
  • Added new feature toggle to turn on/off multi-tab UI.enableFeatures(['MultiTab'])
  • Added new UI.TabManager APIs deleteTab and addTab to manipulate tabs
  • Added a new File Attachment view button while multi-tab is on
  • Added a new checkbox for creating new tabs that specifies whether to open tab immediately
  • Added support for printing in grayscale mode if DocumentViewer.enableGrayscaleMode or DocumentViewer.enableGrayscaleAnnotations was enabled


  • When hotkeys are disabled, also remove the shortcut from the tooltips
  • Fixed issue that there's no data element for Sort Container in Notes Panel
  • Fixed issue where 'setTheme' in TypeScript reports an error with the parameter type

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