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Version 8.4.1 Changelog (2022-04-07)

WebViewer Core


  • Fixed issue with searching up and down when using single search API
  • Fixed issue with dragging form fields across pages
  • Fixed rotation issue for WebViewer Server
  • Fixed issue where the deprecated office2PDFbuffer API wasn't working
  • Fixed issue where a cross origin document loaded with WebViewer Server will fail
  • Fixed issue where newly created signature is not center-aligned

WebViewer UI


  • Fixed issue where multi-tab mode wouldn't save page alterations
  • Fixed issue where signature tool style popup is closed when hovering over text
  • Fixed issue where dark mode is not supported for redaction panel
  • Fixed issue where the Label Text functionality wasn't able to be disabled
  • Fixed issue where hitting Enter at 3D annotations ADD dialog resets the page

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