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Web / Changelog / v8.6.1

Version 8.6.1 Changelog (2022-06-30)

WebViewer Core


  • Fixed bug with slow annotation rendering at high zoom levels
  • Fixed issue with disappearing signature on zoom in Chrome
  • Fixed issue with generated appearances for some formatted fields
  • Fixed bug where the date string could not be cleared for date fields
  • Fixed failure when manually importing annotations with appearances on a WebViewer Server document with no appearances
  • Fixed issue with missing bullet glyphs when converting DOCX to PDF
  • Fixed issue where text would be trimmer too much in smaller text fields
  • Fixed an issue where DatePicker is fully/partially hidden when virtual keyboard was open
  • Fixed issue with overlapping text when rotating a justified FreeText annotation
  • Fixed issue where an error would be thrown if the layout was changed and virtual render mode was enabled when working with a local XOD file
  • Fixed XOD rendering issue when transparency group opacity is 0
  • Fixed TIF files not loading properly with WebViewer Server
  • Fixed issue where Polylines and Polygons were being deleted prematurely

WebViewer UI


  • Updated Korean translations
  • Fixed selection issue with signature popup

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