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Version 8.8.0 Changelog (2022-08-30)

WebViewer Core


  • Updated content editing to use new inline editing mode to edit text
  • Added AddParagraphTool for creating new text boxes within documents
  • Added ContentEditManager to control entering and exiting edit mode
  • Added the capability to add images to the PDF content with the new AddImageContentTool
  • Updated the template fill sample to showcase support for HTML and markdown inputs
  • Added support for Adobe negative form field styling
  • Added API to enable virtual display mode after webviewer instantiation: enableVirtualDisplayMode, the counter-part of the already existing API disableVirtualDisplayMode
  • Improve scrolling in Safari
  • Removed appearance rendering for Free Text Annotations for Rich Text as they can be directly rendered by the PDF workers
  • Added new event createAnnotationWithNoScale that is fired when a measurement tool tries to create an annotation but no scale has been set yet


  • Fixed issue where annotations with NoZoom property set to true could not be rotated
  • Fixed issue where no message would be shown if a XOD document was not properly loaded
  • Fixed issue where the search event onPageEnd was only firing when the whole document was searched, instead of after each page being searched
  • Fixed issue where calling drawAnnotations with an override canvas wouldn't draw FreeText text if it was being edited in the main document view
  • Fixed issue where an error was thrown when creating FreeText annotation in IE
  • Fixed issue where getDocumentCompletePromise returned undefined on images
  • Fix issue where links and widgets were not being rendered correctly when navigating to a page by clicking on a search result
  • Fixed issue where complicated regex search would fail sometimes
  • Fixed issue with DistanceMeasurementTool when overrideSelection is enabled
  • Fixed issue where XOD documents would stop loading pages if the internet connection was lost, and then re-established
  • Fixed issue with the search result not updating when the text extraction order changed
  • Fixed single dot signature floating above signature field
  • Fixed bug where opening WebViewer in Chrome Dev Tools mobile view mode for iOS devices would result in a worker error
  • Fixes bug where performing undo/redo on a link annotation, would cause the annotation to disappear
  • Fixed issue with invoking Core.PDFNet.VerificationOptions.addTrustedCertificateFromURL without optional parameters
  • Fixed some PDFNet namespace documentation where some methods were erroneously listed as static methods when they were not
  • Fixed Office conversion to PDF issue of cutting off images when the pages were rotated
  • Fixed issue where annotation appearances were generated when it was not required
  • Fixed virtualized list for pages issue with linearized PDFs
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the radio button options in the page redaction modal
  • Fixed issue with adding new lines while editing text not appearing correctly
  • Fixed resizing issue with moving rotated annotation between page
  • Fixed issue when importing field data would create duplicate widget annotations
  • Fixed issue where custom headers did not work with images
  • Fixed issue where zooming over ~2000% will break continuous mode when returning to original zoom level
  • Fixed bug where FreeText annotation border would not follow autosizing while typing
  • Fixed issue where potentially malicious URLs could be launched when opening a PDF with embedded JavaScript
  • Fixed issue where content edit mode wouldn't work by default with a custom UI

WebViewer UI


  • Added Edit Text Toolbar Group to Header
  • Added TextEditingPanel to style text in editing mode (desktop only)
  • Added hotkey (ctlr/cmd + F) to toggle the search panel
  • Added new multiPageManipulationControls API on UI namespace to create new buttons on left panel multipage view
  • Added support for showing tooltips when tabbing through UI elements
  • Added getAnnotationStylePopupTabs and setAnnotationStylePopupTabs APIs for getting and customizing annotation style popup tabs
  • Added new multi select annotations feature for the notes panel
  • Revamped measurement scale and calibration experience. Scales for tools and annotations are easily synced and updated, they're editable from a new modal, they can be fractional or decimal and common defaults are included to get started.
  • Updated outline panel UI including features such as setting precise destination and multi-select mode
  • Added translations for Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Thai, Romanian, and Swedish
  • New and improved experience of measurement scale
  • Added additional languages to the language modal
  • Added data-elements to language options in the language modal for disabling individually
  • Added Language constant in the UI namespace for default languages in WebViewer
  • Added a getCurrentLanguage API to return the current UI language
  • Added a getLocalizedText API to return the localized text from a given translation key
  • Added a languageChanged event that triggers when the language changes
  • Added setCustomEmptyPanelContent API for customizing the content of an empty notes panel
  • Added audio and video redaction to the redaction panel


  • Fixed issue where WebViewer would crash when repeatedly pressing or holding down the escape key
  • Fixed issue where an error would be thrown if setHeaderItems API is called after creating a new toolbar group using the createToolbarGroup API
  • Fixed issue where mention did not work if the username included numbers, dash or an underscore
  • Fixed issue where the page manipulation overlay stays open when a file is loaded via loadDocument
  • Fixed issue where images were not being downloaded as PDF from the UI
  • Fixed issue where the parent window would scroll if a non-continuous display mode is used and the user uses the mouse wheel to change pages
  • Fixed issue where the element header could not be disabled when instantiating WebViewer
  • Fixed issues where Ellipsis where being resized incorrectly when being drawn close to the edges of the document
  • Fixed issue where the unposted comment indicator would remain even if there was no pending comment
  • Fixed bug not allowing users to set the orientation of pages more than once when calling setDefaultPrintOptions
  • Fixed an issue with viewerLoaded event not firing
  • Fixed bug where redaction annotations created from the redaction panel were not carrying over the correct styles
  • Fixed issue where the document preview in PageRedaction Modal was sometimes wrong
  • Fixed issue where an error was being thrown in the console if the AnnotationPopup was disabled and the browser window was resized with an annotation selected
  • Fixed an issue where the Redaction panel would open for media redactions

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