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FreeHandAnnotation creation delay

When creating a FreeHand Annotation with WebViewer, there is an intentional delay applied to allow users to create the annotation with multiple strokes. Strokes within the short delay will be treated as part of the same annotation. Beyond the delay, strokes will be treated as a separate annotation. Take for example when drawing an 'X' on the page. Drawing it normally or quickly will ensure the two strokes are part of the same annotation. On the other hand, drawing one stroke and then waiting for more than one second before drawing the second stroke will get you two annotations: one for each stroke.

Delay demo

Due to the delay, the annotationChanged event will be delayed by some amount of time. This can be adjusted by modifying the delay amount through the FreeHandAnnotation class prototype:

Tools.FreeHandCreateTool.prototype.createDelay = 0;

Note that removing the delay will prevent the creation of annotations with multiple strokes.

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