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Adding a License to WebViewer Server

Adding a license when using Docker Compose

The Apryse key you were provided is passed to WebViewer Server through environment variables in docker. In your docker-compose.yml file you can do this by placing the key in the TRN_PDFNET_KEY variable under environment:

    image: "pdftron/webviewer-server:latest"

Adding a license when using Docker directly

When using Docker directly through other systems or command line you would declare TRN_PDFNET_KEY as an -e (environment) argument.

docker run -p 8090:8090 -e TRN_PDFNET_KEY="YOUR_LICENSE_KEY" pdftron/webviewer-server:latest

Adding a license when using the Windows installer

If you installed WebViewer Server through our Windows installer you can add the key by modifying wvs_config.json - you will find this under your base_install_directory/apache-tomcat/wvs_config.json


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