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JavaScript HTML Annotation Library

There are a few ways to load and annotate HTML or web pages inside of WebViewer.

Loading HTML directly (dynamic)

This project is experimental. A proxy server is used to serve webpage assets. This is done to get around various security issues, when loading a webpage in an iframe. This works for a good amount of pages but there are many exceptions. If you have a subset of web pages that you would like to support then we recommend forking this repository and making the necessary fixes. We won't be making those changes because it would likely result in other pages failing.

Alternatively, the static approach below may be a better fit.

You can load HTML pages directly by importing webviewer-html module completely client-side.

This is an addon for WebViewer that allows loading HTML web pages so that live HTML page can be annotated.

Load and Annotate HTML


Converting HTML to PDF (static)

You can convert HTML to PDF and provide your users with a consistent appearance of the document looking consistent across the browsers.

Convert HTML to PDF

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