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Windows / Changelog / Latest (v10.5)

Version 10.5.0 Changelog (October 25th, 2023)

New In This Release

New Features:

New PrintToPDF Module

  • A new dedicated interface to convert any file with an associated application directly to PDF. (PrintToPdfModule.PrintToPdf())
  • Includes options to adjust page margins, orientation, and size. (PrintToPdfOptions)
  • The PrintToPDF module is only available on Windows systems, and is packaged as an independent download
  • PDF generation is performed using a high performance Windows-certified virtual printer driver.

New Options

  • Can now determine the size (number of cells) of sheets within an Excel document and potentially skip those sheets during Excel-to-PDF conversion (DocumentConversion.GetNextExcelSheetCellCount() and DocumentConversion.SkipNextExcelSheet()). This should allow for better management of conversion time and system resources when converting Excel documents with a great number of cells.
  • Added an option that can be used delay the start of HTML conversion to better handle cases where it is difficult to determine when the page is fully loaded. (HTML2PDF.WebPageSettings.SetConvertDelay())


  • [office] Improved error reporting for interop Visio conversion.
  • [pdf] Improved rendering support for corrupt PDF files with Image Masks that are not actually valid streams.
  • [.net] Added missing function TextExtractor.setOCGContent to .Net Core/Standard/5/6.
  • [pdf] Added support for retrieving PAdES ESS certificates using GetCertPathsFromCMS and GetSignerCertFromCMS. Previously this was unsupported and would throw an exception.
  • [pdf] Optimizer will now avoid throwing an exception when embedding fonts on certain types of corrupt documents.
  • [xfdf] XFDF export will now avoid throwing an exception when encountering certain types of corrupt line endings.
  • [.net] Added OCROptions.SetAutoRotate() to the .Net Core/Standard/5/6 interface.
  • [pdf] Adjusting digital signing logic to ensure that the Field read-only flag is applied to all fields locked by the new signature, preventing them from being edited.
  • [ocr] OCROptions.SetOCGEngine() will now throw an error if the input is not valid rather than ignoring it silently.
  • [cad] Adjusted the CAD module user-tunable font substitution system to work with fonts meant to be located within .rsc files.
  • [cad] The CAD Module now includes more substitute fonts within the package, chosen to match the character spacing of fonts built in to typical DGN editing applications.
  • [image] Upgraded LibWebP used by the Advanced Imaging Module to version 1.3.2.


  • [all] Fixed a crash that would occur initializing with a call-home key and subsequently initializing again with no key. In particular this could occur when using PDFViewWPF.
  • [pdf] Fixed an issue where named destinations using byte strings would not function correctly when imported into another PDF document.
  • [pdf] Fixed an issue where Freetext annotations with cloudy border style could have some of the border cut off.
  • [image] Fixed issue with JPEG2000 loading that could cause specific images to be displayed incorrectly when rendering PDF files.
  • [ocr] Improved handling of rotated images when using the IRIS OCR Module.
  • [ocr] Fixed an OCR issue where the value passed to OCROptions.AddDPI() could be ignored on pages after the first.
  • [ocr] Fixed issue where OCR resource files could only be found in the same resource folder as the module itself.
  • [cad] Addressed some issues with handling relative input file and resource paths in CAD conversion.
  • [cad] Fixed an issue where the font substitution logic could be bypassed for text specified within text nodes.
  • [cad] Fixed an issue where fonts would be stored temporarily in the CAD module folder. This could cause failures in environments where write access was not available like IIS.
  • [cad] Adjusted DGN gradient hatching to use bitmaps rather than PDF triangle meshes, resulting in a PDF that tends to be much smaller and faster to render.
  • [cad] Fixed issue with layer handling that could (rarely) make unexpected changes to other CAD content such as line dimensions.

Office Fidelity:

  • [docx] Improved frame positioning accuracy in Word documents.
  • [xlsx] Unsupported sheet types (e.g. dialog sheets) are now gracefully ignored instead of causing errors.
  • [docx] Improved reading of non-standard table layouts, enhancing compatibility with documents not created in Word.
  • [docx] Resolved a potential infinite loop issue where table header rows take up an entire page.
  • [xls] Added support of conditional formatting in XLS documents.
  • [docx] Added handling of bottom-aligned sections in Word documents.
  • [office] Corrected the positioning of text in bottom-to-top flowing text boxes to ensure accurate vertical justification.
  • [office] Enhanced text box rendering by optimizing placement for boxes with oversized content.
  • [docx] Improved VML shape rendering to more closely match Word's behavior, allowing shapes to extend off the page under specific conditions.
  • [docx] Resolved an issue with incorrect bookmark order during Word to PDF conversions.
  • [docx] Improved table handling to merge consecutive tables similar to Word.
  • [docx] Added handling of nested paragraphs.
  • [doc] Fixed rare cases of incorrectly handled nested tables in binary DOC files.
  • [xlsx] Improved Excel sheet scaling to more closely match Excel's behavior.
  • [office] Fixed an issue with incorrect alignment of rotated text inside floating text boxes.
  • [docx] Fixed placement of inline pictures at the start of a line in documents from Office version 14 or lower.
  • [office] Fixed incorrect display of empty data categories in charts.
  • [xls] Fixed an issue with incorrect page setup properties applied during XLS conversion.
  • [xlsx] Fixed a rare issue with missing date values in Excel documents.
  • [doc] Fixed incorrect first line indentation in some binary DOC documents.
  • [xlsx] Fixed an issue with missing header and footer parts in Excel documents.
  • [office] Improved drawing of combination charts with stacked series.
  • [office] Corrected the order of legend items in charts with stacked series.
  • [office] Improved the rendering of dual axis charts.
  • [xlsx] Added support for all pre-defined page sizes available in Excel.
  • [office] Addressed an issue with unmapped "Symbol" font characters, ensuring they render correctly and as intended by users in documents.
  • [docx] Corrected an issue with incorrectly applied custom list numbering pattern in Word documents.
  • [docx] Enhanced list numbering with support for legal style numbering.
  • [docx] Refined list numbering to align closely with Word's behavior.
  • [xlsx] Enhanced the accuracy of Excel column width calculations to match Excel's precision exactly.
  • [xlsx] Implemented the TRUNC Excel function.
  • [docx] Fixed an issue with column balancing when floating objects are present.

PDF to Office Fidelity:

Fixes and improvements for the Structured Output Module

  • [docx] Fixed an issue preventing the underline style from applying to all characters of a word when not appropriate.
  • [docx] Improved compliance with the OpenXML standard when handling malformed hyperlinks.
  • [docx] Improved our compliance to the OpenXML standard generally when emitting text in varied layouts.
  • [docx] Improved list hierarchy detection.
  • [docx] Resolved a page count issue on macOS due to special treatment of the Helvetica font.
  • [docx] Fixed an issue causing a false links to be detected.
  • [docx] Resolved an issue preventing the detection of a page number in the footer for specific layout styles.
  • [docx] More consistent footer detection in the presence of edge cases.
  • [docx] Better detection of inline small graphic groups.
  • [docx] Improved detection of headers and footers located unusually far from the page edge.
  • [docx] Improved detection of underline style for descending letters g, p and y.
  • [docx] Improved detection of different odd and even headers and footers.
  • [docx] Reduced false detections of section title body content as headers.
  • [docx] Improved detection of headers when watermark graphics cross the header content.
  • [docx] Improved detection of borderless tables.

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