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Xamarin / Changelog / v9.2.2

Version 9.2.2 Changelog (May 6, 2022)

Version: 9.2.2

Release Date: May 6, 2022


This release of Apryse for Xamarin brings the core PDF functionality and iOS and Android Tools functionality inline with version 9.2.2 of the iOS and Android SDKs. More information can be found on What's New for iOS and What's New for Android .


New features

  • New ability to set free text horizontal and vertical alignment
  • New ability to type a signature when signing a document
  • New sound annotation creation UI/UX: you can now use other tools while recording, as well as moving the recording view via drag and drop
  • New save file attachment option for file attachment annotation

New APIs

  • New API to specify maximum saved signature count
  • New API to notify when password is supplied by the user after opening a password protected document
  • New API to notify when saved signature count changes


New features

  • Signatures annotations can now be created by typing.

Typing a Signature Demo

  • FreeText annotations now support alignment (horizontal: left, right, centered, justified; vertical: top, centered, bottom).

FreeText Alignment Demo

  • Notes can now be viewed and edited on text annotations viewed in reader (reflow) mode.
  • Improved font substitution on some files (correctly uses serif fonts in additional scenarios).

New APIs

  • When tapping to create a signature, you can now optionally show the signature list instead of using the currently selected annotation (PTSignatureAnnotationOptions.ShowSignatureListWhenTapped)
  • Image stamps can now be given an opacity less than 1.0. via PTImageStampAnnotationOptions.OpacityEnabled.
  • Text search can now have the order of its results programmatically specified via SearchMode.
  • Note annotation dialogs can now optionally have tinting disabled via PTNoteEditController.AnnotationTintColorEnabled.
  • The document slider's time before it disappears can be modified via PTDocumentSliderViewController.HidingInterval.
  • The page number indicator can now be customized via PTPageIndicatorViewController's Label property.
  • An arrow annotation's default head position can be customized via PTArrowAnnotationOptions's ArrowPointsToOrigin property.
  • Adds an API to hide the annotation style button in the note-edit controller: PTNoteEditController.StyleButtonHidden
  • The style button shown when viewing an annotation’s note is now accessible via the API PTNoteEditController.StyleButtonItem.
  • A toolbar tool item colour can now be programatically set via SetImageStyle

Bug fixes

  • Fixes an issue where image stamps could show grey instead of the image.
  • Fix where FreeText annotations imported via XFDF could be missing their appearance.
  • Fix where FreeText border width could be incorrect.
  • Ensures pages can be scrolled from under the toolbar after adding pages to a 1-page document.
  • Fixes a crash when editing callout annotations, and callout annotations again their associated text.
  • Scanned pages use lower-resolution images (in line with Apple's Files app), substantially reducing the file size.
  • Fixes text positioning issues when editing rotated FreeText annotations.
  • Fix for annotations not appearing in the annotation list during some navigation actions.
  • Improves performance for documents with very large outlines.
  • Date and spaced text style properties are now stored separately from those of FreeText annotations.
  • Fix that prevents the colour picker moving up and down when unwanted on some iPhone devices.
  • Fixes an issue with positioning annotations on certain documents.
  • Fixes a crash when editing rich FreeText annotations created by certain PDF creators.
  • PTAnnotStyleViewController now uses the registered subclass in all instances.
  • Fixes an issue where an annotation's review state (accepted, rejected, etc.) would not always update as expected.
  • Fixes a memory leak when deallocating a PTDocumentController.
  • Text color is now included in rich text content XML.
  • Fixes an issue where an Apple Pencil would not be recognized in certain situations.

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