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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Localization for Xamarin viewer tools

Localization for Tools library follows each platform's convention.

Xamarin.Android Tools localization

You can put your translation strings.xml into Resources/values-xx directory of your application, i.e. values-fr for French.

See available languages here: Localization on Android .

Xamarin.iOS Tools localization

  1. Download the the native SDK.

  2. Navigate into ./Lib/Tools/src/PDFViewCtrlTools/Tools/en.lproj to find the example Localizable.strings file that contains translation information for the Tools source code. Rename this file to PTLocalizable.strings

  3. Create a directory called <language code>.lproj within your project resources directory and place the PTLocalizable.strings file from Step 2 in the directory. For a list of language codes supported by Apple, please refer to the Apple documentation.

  4. Add the translations into the PTLocalizable.strings file.

Localization when compiling Tools from source (deprecated)

This method only applies to versions of the SDK prior to v6.10.2.

This method is not recommended as it involves editing the Tools.framework strings file directly which will create a requirement to manually merge strings files when updating to new versions of Tools.framework.

  1. Follow the native localization guide here .
  2. Follow the Tools binding guide to create the C# NuGet packages.

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