public abstract class


extends DialogFragment
   ↳ DialogFragment
     ↳ com.pdftron.demo.navigation.ToolbarFragment
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Class Overview

A base fragment class used to provide basic support for an embedded Toolbar widget.

It handles setting a Toolbar with id as the containing FragmentActivity's action bar, applying a fallback shadow to the main fragment content view with id for pre-Lollipop devices, and positioning the Toolbar correctly when the View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LAYOUT_FULLSCREEN flag is used with View.setSystemUiVisibility(int).


Nested Classes
class ToolbarFragment.Delegate This class defines a delegate which can be used to add inset-aware toolbar functionality to any Fragment fragment inside a FragmentActivity. 
Public Constructors
Public Methods
void onActivityCreated(Bundle savedInstanceState)
void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)
void onViewCreated(View view, Bundle savedInstanceState)
void setTitle(CharSequence title)
void setTitle(int titleId)
void updateToolbarDrawable()
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public ToolbarFragment ()

Public Methods

public void onActivityCreated (Bundle savedInstanceState)

public void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState)

public void onViewCreated (View view, Bundle savedInstanceState)

public void setTitle (CharSequence title)

public void setTitle (int titleId)

public void updateToolbarDrawable ()