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UWP / Changelog / v9-2-1-79419

Version Changelog (April 1st, 2022)


Release Date: April 1st, 2022

New features

  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Added ability to select the entire document text in 1 click using the context menu


  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Improved text search color in dark mode
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Improved auto save to handle save on every change or on a timer basis
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Added options to turn on/off editing in Reflow

Bug Fixes

  • [pdf] PDFViewCtrl: Fixed possible exception that might come up when clicking on PDF pages

  • [pdf] FreeText: Fixed issues related to changing FreeText style like Font Size and Color

  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Fixed possible crash that might happen when clicking on certain pages of the PDF

  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Fixed unwanted zoom level when switching between vertical and horizontal view mode

  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Fixed for Search Text options still enabled when document is not searchable

  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Suppress save tab dialog when external saving is enabled

  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Removed zoom level adjustment when turning vertical scroll on/off

  • [tools] [control] Reflow: Fixed possible null exception when switching to Reflow mode

  • [tools] [control] Reflow: fixed copy text not working properly by just copying part of the text

  • [tools] Signature: Fixed signature widget not saving the default signature

  • [tools] Form Filling: Fixed issue which would prevent Undo and Redo to work properly with form filling

  • [tools] Copy, Paste and Duplicate annotations: fixed to ensure all annotations are properly copied, pasted and rendered

New APIs - Tools Package SDK

New Methods

  • async Task ViewerViewModel.SavePermCroppedCopyAsync()

New Properties

  • bool ViewerControl.IsReflowEditingEnabled
  • bool ViewerControl.IsAutoSaveOn
  • bool ViewerControl.IsAutoSaveOnEveryChange
  • int ViewerControl.AutoSaveInterval
  • bool ViewerSettings.IsReflowEditingEnabled
  • bool ViewerSettings.AutoSaveOnEveryChange

New Events

  • ToolManager.ReflowEditRequested
  • ViewerViewModel.OnReflowEditRequested
  • delegate ToolManager.ReflowEditRequestedHandler

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