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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

UWP / Changelog / v9-3-0



PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Version Changelog (July 15th, 2022)


Release Date: July 15th, 2022

Breaking Changes

  • [tools] ViewerControl: event name changed
From:event GoBackRequestedHandler ViewerControl.GoBackRequested
To:event GoBackRequestedHandler ViewerControl.ViewerBackRequested

New features

  • [tools] Added Rubber stamp tool
Rubber stamp tool
  • [tools] Added support to pan over documetns with middle mouse button
Rubber stamp tool


  • [tools] Measurement: after performing calibration it will save/cache new value and unit for the next annotations created
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: when converting a file to PDF on a new tab, and then trying to close it, a dialog will be prompted for the user to perform "saving as"

Bug Fixes

  • [Tools] FreeText: Fixes for handling Rich Text formatting on multiple language including CJK
  • [tools] FreeText: Added fixes to prevent random crashes with mouse interaction
  • [tools] [control] Fixed page jump with navigation stack
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: removed space shortcut since to move to next page
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: fixes to prevent exception when changing tabs in the viewer
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: fixed conversion of Image to PDF when image file type name was in caps lock (upper case)
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: fixed actions button not changing visibility during UI customization

New APIs - Tools Package SDK

New Events

  • event SignatureDialogRequestHandler ToolManager.SignatureDialogRequested
  • ToolManager.SignatureDialogRequestHandler ViewerViewModel.SignatureDialogRequested
  • ToolManager.SignatureDialogRequestHandler ViewerControl.SignatureDialogRequested

New Delegate

  • delegate void ToolManager.SignatureDialogRequestHandler(ToolManager, SignatureDialogEventArgs)

New Class pdftron.PDF.Tools.Controls.RubberStamper.RubberStampControl

  • New Constructor
  • RubberStampControl()
  • New Method
  • Dispose()
  • New Properties
  • RubberStampControlViewModel ViewModel

New Class pdftron.PDF.Tools.Controls.ViewModels.RubberStamper.RubberStampControlViewModel

  • New Constructor
  • RubberStampControlViewModel()
  • New Method
  • async Task InitStandardStampsAsync()
  • void Dispose()
  • New Properties
  • ObservableCollection<RubberStampItem> StampCollection
  • List<StampColorPreset> StampColorList
  • RubberStampItem SelectedStampItem
  • ImageSource SelectedStampItemImage

New Class pdftron.PDF.Tools.Controls.ViewModels.RubberStamper.RubberStampItem

  • New Properties
  • string Text
  • StampPresetColorType Color
  • double FillOpacity
  • bool IsPointingLeft
  • bool IsPointingRight
  • ImageSource PreviewImage

New Class pdftron.PDF.Tools.Controls.ViewModels.RubberStamper.RubberStamps

  • New Properties
  • ObservableCollection<RubberStampItem> RubberStampItemCollection

New Class pdftron.PDF.Tools.Controls.ViewModels.RubberStamper.StampColorPreset

  • New Properties
  • StampPresetColorType Id
  • string StartColor
  • string EndColor
  • string TextColor
  • string BorderColor

New Class pdftron.PDF.Tools.Controls.ViewModels.RubberStamper.StampColors

  • New Properties
  • List<StampColorPreset> StampColorPresetList

New Enum pdftron.PDF.Tools.Controls.ViewModels.RubberStamper.StampPresetColorType

  • LightRed
  • DarkRed
  • LightGreen
  • LightBlue
  • Yellow
  • Purple

New abstract Class pdftron.PDF.Tools.Json.BaseObject

  • New Methods
  • string ToJson()
  • string ToJson(JsonSerializerSettings)
  • void ToJsonFile(string)
  • void ToJsonFile(string, JsonSerializerSettings)
  • void FromJson(string)
  • void FromJson(string, JsonSerializerSettings)
  • void FromJsonFile(string, JsonSerializerSettings)
  • void FromJsonFile(string)
  • object Clone()
  • T CloneObject<T>()
  • void SetJsonDefaultValueHandling(DefaultValueHandling)
  • void SetJsonFormatting(Formatting)
  • void SetJsonNullValueHandling(NullValueHandling)
  • void SetJsonTypeNameHandling(TypeNameHandling)

New static Class pdftron.PDF.Tools.Json.JsonParse

  • New Methods
  • static async Task<T> TryFromJsonFileAsync<T>(string, JsonSerializerSettings, int)
  • static T TryFromJson<T>(string, JsonSerializerSettings)
  • static string TryToJsonString<T>(T, JsonSerializerSettings)
  • async static Task TryToJsonFileAsync<T>(T, string, JsonSerializerSettings)

New class SignatureDialogEventArgs

  • New Properties
  • bool IsFullScreen
  • bool IsWidget
  • bool Handled

New Resources

  • RubberStamps.json
  • StampColors.json

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