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WebViewer 2018 Changelog

1.1.66801 - December 14th

  • Cache management improvement and fixes
  • CORs handling improvements
  • Added better font support
  • Added authentication for data URLs
  • Added PDFA capability to GetPDF API
  • HTML Conversion fixes
  • Added DISABLE_SSL option for disabling the HTTPs socket on the WebViewer Server
  • Removed SSH usage for service discovery from HAProxy image, replaced with TCP management. Now controlled by the ENABLE_TCP_MANAGEMENT option
  • Added Docker option to prevent WebViewer from getting direct access to PDFs - TRN_DISABLE_CLIENT_PDF_ACCESS
  • Improved multiplage .tiff support
  • Server Logging improvements
  • Updated the WebViewer version to the newly released 4.0
  • Docker image variables moved from build stage to run stage for easier configuration
  • Security improvements in Docker configuration. WebViewer Server will longer run as root.

1.0.66566 - August 3rd

  • Official support for running multiple nodes behind a load balancer, and for dynamically scaling up and down
  • Updated the Webviewer version to the newly released 3.3
  • Added some options to control the behaviour of the cache. Specifically, cached data can now be limited to a given size and a given age. See docker-compose.yml for more info
  • Added better font coverage

1.0.66054 - June 16th

  • Added support for prebuilt docker images within the docker-compose file
  • Updated the Webviewer version to 3.2.1
  • Now compatible with the latest stable release of webviewer (and will be going forward)

1.0.65897 - June 10th

  • Added support for document bookmarks
  • Improved image rendering backend -- viewer looks better at small zooms
  • Improved support for annotation merging and pdf downloading (results are cached, annotation merging avoids duplication, and returned document has the correct headers set to indicate the result should be saved)

1.0.65605 - May 15th

  • Removed nginx reverse proxy
  • Added SSL capability to the sample load ballancer
  • Realtime annotation demo now uses websockets (with a long polling fallback for old browsers)

1.0.65529 - May 11th

  • Work queue improvements, particularly when data fetching is the bottleneck
  • Added an option to configure the subpath where the server is available
  • Webviewer now actively monitors the health of the backend, and will attempt to switch nodes when approriate
  • Webviewer fixes for occasional annotation flickering on mobile clients
  • Added example HAProxy load balancer configuration
  • Fixed inconsistencies when handling file extensions with mixed case
  • Fixed bugs related to cache cleanup being a bit
  • Added beta support for multiple backends

1.0.65415 - April 30th

  • Improved work queue throughput structure, more responsive under heavy load
  • Added health check endpoint

1.0.65322 - April 26th

  • Added support for generating printable PDFs
  • Better log formatting
  • Updated demo to work correctly on Safari mobile

1.0.65221 - April 19th

  • Updated WebViewer version with improved client-server switchover logic
  • Added support for .csv files
  • Added LibreOffice support as as a conversion fallback

1.0.65059 - April 12th

  • Session heartbeats for websocket connections, allowing the server to keep track of idle clients
  • More robust handling of unkown file types
  • Weakened restart logic to give up when the server is in a bad state
  • Added new sample documents to the demo

1.0.64866 - April 9th

  • Initial release

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