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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Web / Changelog / 2019 Releases


PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

WebViewer Server 2019 Changelog

1.4.67 - October 9th

  • Fix for a memory exhaustion bug that can cause crashes and out of heap errors
  • Redesigned on-disk cache to deal with problems resulting from certain configuration options causing on-disk cache behaviour to not work as desired
  • Improvements in CAD document handling
  • Added ability to pass custom headers to GetPDF, GetThumb and PreloadURL.
  • Fixes to container permission handling to allow usage with other Dockerfiles.
  • Addition of TRN_DISABLE_VALIDATION option, disables certificate validation by WebViewer Server when fetching files
  • Fix for multiple cached cookies of trnsockserv causing TRN_ENABLE_AUTHORIZATION to not work correctly
  • Added appearance stream support for annotations
  • Updated GetPDF.js to WVSApiWrapper.js, improved and changed structure of API
  • Fix for files with annotations greater than 1 MB causing failures on document load
  • Addition of TRN_AZURE_WEBAPP_COMPAT, this should be enabled if using Azure Web Apps, eliminates need for Azure Web App image variant
  • Redesign of WVS building process, this has resulted in a reduction of image size from 6 GB to 3.7 GB
  • Fix for CAD files not rendering properly on some server setups
  • Fix for stickiness handling with HAProxy and other environments which use cookies for stickiness

1.4.0 - August 19th

  • Memory Cache improvements to better respond to cache growth and adjustments
    • Now considers temporary directories when reading disk usage.
    • Improved disk usage metrics that trigger cleaning.
  • Added cacheKey feature to allow caching of documents against a passed key.
  • Update to PDFNet 7.0
  • Fixed issue when preventing downloading of documents that were uploaded in a corrupt state to WebViewer Server
  • Fixed error running container when no internal/static directories are defined.
  • Added ability to pass a configuration file to WebViewer Server.
  • Released the WebViewer Server Dockerless installer for Windows.
  • Fixed critical timing issue that caused the first page of a document to return incorrect data.
  • Fixed issue with TRN_FORWARD_CLIENT_COOKIES argument that caused it to improperly forward cookies as headers rather than cookie headers.
  • All files are now linearized for to improve performance at a minimal cost. Previously, only files above 30 MB were linearized.
  • Addition of the wvs_config.json configuration option to be used with the static installer.

1.3.25 - June 3rd

  • Changed build scheme within the WebViewer compose package. This package now pulls directly from DockerHub.
  • Added TRN_FORCE_LOSSLESS_IMAGES for lossless image rendering to prevent artifacting when performing differential layering.
  • Changed how SSL keys are placed into the server for HAProxy and Tomcat. They now use a volume mounting scheme and do not require a rebuild.
  • Added ability to pass extra headers to GetPDF that will not be considered as part of the caching link.
  • Several fixes to prevent errors that are caused by filenames being greater than 256 characters.
  • Added fix for crash caused by .tif files.
  • Corrected erroneous attempt to trigger a debug packager on server crash.
  • Added default arguments for static and internal directories.
  • Made all environment variables compatible with true and false and 1 and 0 to deal with inconsistencies.

1.3.5 - May 15th

  • Fix for office documents sometimes causing fatal crashes when done in quick succession
  • Revised TRN_ENABLE_SESSION_AUTH to be locked to a single session rather than any currently connecting one
  • Minor fixes to environment config options

1.3.0 - May 6th

  • Change in version number handling to match new versioning system
  • Fix for crashes caused by timing error with cache cleanup
  • Fix for filenames being too long and causing a render failure
  • Increased the cacheMaxSize variable within Tomcat to deal with warnings resulting from large file caching
  • Improved logging by removing non-informative outputs

1.2.70471 - April 17th

  • Fix for downloading files with encoded characters in their file names
  • Fixed unicode names appearing incorrectly when downloading
  • Changed Tomcat HTTP connector to APR from NIO

1.2.70365 - April 9th

  • Fix for URL Encoding so it more closely follows Chrome behaviour when fetching files
  • Fix for in memory document cache memory leak

1.2.70008 - March 11th

Version 1.2


  • Added support for CAD files in dgn, dwg, and dxf format.
  • Can now limit backend document access to a given set of URL roots using the TRN_FETCH_REQUIRED_URL_ROOT option.
  • Enabled automatic cookie forwarding for cases where the server and document store are in the same domain, using the TRN_FORWARD_CLIENT_COOKIES configuration option.
  • Core logic now uses newest Apryse SDK 6.10 release.
  • Server now supports a certificate whitelist -- useful for development environments using self-signed certificates.


  • Improved support for very large files (>2GB) -- won't hand off rendering to the client in cases where it can't support it.
  • Now properly support files with the .htm extension.
  • Default load balancer cookie name now the same as HAProxy's cookie name without extra configuration.
  • Various tweaks to how WebViewer client communicates with WebViewer Server, which should result in snappier performance for some client configurations.
  • Fixed bug where we would incorrectly parse query parameters with no =.

1.1.69796 - February 28th

  • Fix for rendering html files

1.1.69442 - February 4th

  • Fix for missing backgrounds in HTML conversions
  • Fix for overly encoded

links causing failed fetches

1.1.69367 - January 28th

  • Adjust CORS settings to properly support the XMLHttpRequest.withCredentials flag
  • Updated SDK binary to address potential stability issues with very large log messages

1.1.69213 - January 15th

  • Document specific bug fixes

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