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WebViewer Server 2020 Changelog

1.5.4 - November 6th

  • Apryse Core Library updated with more general document fixes
  • Updated Apache Tomcat to 9.0.39
  • Improved overall CORS handling
  • Security: Fixed issue that could expose local files during HTML conversion
  • Security: Fixed CloudFormation template to no longer expose IMDS metadata when improperly configured

1.5.3 - September 21st

  • Apryse Core Library updated to 8.0
  • Improved default configuration handling on Windows and Linux
  • Added support for TRN_CAD_XREF_CONFIG_URL option
  • Added server performance details to logging
  • XLS conversion is now done by Apryse Core, was previously handled by LibreOffice
  • Removed Tomcat version from error HTTP error messages

1.5.2 - August 4th

  • Fixed many document failures with many office document formats, focused on PPT
  • The Docker container now runs only as a user, this prevents permission problems and

removes the need for the previous TRN_AZURE_WEBAPP_COMPAT - this option has been removed

  • Updated both OpenJDK 1.8 and Apache Tomcat to 1.8.262 and 9.0.37 respectively to address security issues
  • Added log rotation for internal server logs, this will prevent log build up from filling disk space
  • Added default HEALTHCHECK in both HAProxy and the WebViewer Server containers, this is checked by Docker to mark whether the containers are healthy or not
  • Fixed various font selection errors across many documents

1.5.1 - April 28th

  • Apryse Core Library updated to 7.1.3
    • Improves office format rendering and server stability
  • Fixed crash caused by multiple simultaneous LibreOffice conversions
  • Fixed crashes caused by documents on annotation merge with annotations lacking page numbers or default appearances.
  • Fixed error on restart which could cause files requiring software rasterization to fail
  • Increased allowed zoom levels for returned image tiles on PDF render
  • Added files which were being ignored by cache management to prevent image from consuming excess disk
  • Added new logging data on health failures and job execution
  • Improved EML and MSG rendering
  • Added annotation merging through option xfdf to GetPDF
  • Corrected issue with GetThumb not working with query parameters
  • Fixed remaining temporary file issues caused by shared volume mounts
  • TRN_FETCH_TIMEOUT_MS option added, server file fetches will default to a 20 second timeout

when waiting for first read/connection establishment


1.5.0 - March 2nd

to be overwritten by incorrect cookies

  • Fixes to allow mounting of the 'static_data' directory across disk volumes
  • Prevented missing directories from causing WebViewer Server to crash on startup
  • Unicode characters in file names now work when requesting a XOD link
  • When authentication options are enabled, WebViewer Server now correctly maintains cookie state when multiple tabs are open. Previously, the opening of successive viewer tabs would change the authentication cookie on prior clients breaking their interaction with the server
  • Removed container names in compose file, this prevents issues when running the setup multiple times
  • Windows installer now correctly sets up the WebViewer service on all machines
  • Fixed issue with url encoding with some types of file links

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