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WebViewer Server 2021 Changelog

1.5.7 - September 10th

  • Apryse core update to 9.1
  • Added all advanced imaging formats to WebViewer Server (dcm, tiff, cut, cur, arw, aai, dcr, psd, gif, heic, heif, cals, dds, crw, jng, flif, mat, mtv, nef, orf, pfm, pix, raf)
  • Added .pub (Microsoft Publisher) formats
  • Encrypted PDFs are now supported, requires WebViewer 8.1
  • Added ability to set document locale in WebViewer Server, refer to this documentation
  • Added .msg (Outlook Email) support on Windows and fixed some existing issues with conversion on Linux
  • Added AWS/S3 error reporting, for more info on setup follow the guide here
  • Added alive check to determine if the server is functional
  • Added the GetSupportedFormats API
  • Fixed issue that could cause random crashes when converting at scale.
  • Removed packages and excess tooling to reduce the size and vulnerability space and size of the docker image
  • Upgraded to Tomcat 10.0.8
  • Upgraded the Cloudformation Template to 2.0.0
    • Now supports more options, Application load balancing, fixes scaling, data cleanup and deletion issues
  • Added format control to WebViewer Server to prevent erroneous file format exploits
  • Improved font support, now includes all Apryse web fonts
  • [Windows] When using WebViewer Server as a Windows service, catalina.base was left undefined. This could cause minor problems in various systems when using the service
  • Changed health check to have a greater threshold for marking as unhealthy
  • Fix for leftover temp files when file fetches failed on the server - these would show up as leftover download.tmp files in your static_data/Fetched directory
  • Files with Unicode names + symbols now properly download when requested from WebViewer
  • Various fixes for document specific crashes
  • Added more aggressive cleanup when both TRN_ENABLE_AUTH_SESSION and TRN_ENABLE_SESSION_CACHING are enabled
  • All Tomcat apps are now packaged as WAR files and JSPs no longer are used
  • Fixed WVSWrapperAPI to properly POST when uploading a file with XFDF
  • General CAD document improvements
  • Added restriction to prevent chrome from executing multiple conversions at once, fixes issue that could cause HTML conversion to fail
  • Made it so WebViewer Server no longer reveals its system paths during errors
  • Removed double fetch calls in some APIs, this will make them more responsive
  • Fixed issue with logrotate not properly rotating/deleting some logs in WebViewer Server
  • Corrected issue causing SSL keys to fail when installed directly on the server
  • Updated software rasterizer used for CAD document formats
  • Fixed issue where changing the TRN_DATA_STORAGE_DIR directory could cause the server to fail. Now the static data path is properly adjusted to match this variable
  • Fixed issue where singleServerMode would cause WebViewer to fail with server version 1.5.6
  • Fixed error handling not properly failing with GetThumb and GetPDF
  • Fixed issue where the Windows service would not timeout
  • Fixed issue with GetThumb and GetPDF where documents with extensions other than PDF would still be treated as PDF

1.5.6 - April 20th

  • Apryse core update to 9.0
  • TRN_ENABLE_AUTH_SESSION no longer relies on cookies and now instead uses a query parameter, this

should prevent problems stemming from third party cookies. This updated scheme requires the latest WebViewer update as of this release. Requires WebViewer 8.0

  • Added error handling to prevent leftover temporary files
  • Fixed remote execution vulnerability through uploading of bad formats
  • Removed old .jsp APIs
  • Fixed issue with EML file paths preventing conversion when a blob is uploaded
  • [Windows] Updated LibreOffice and moved away from the portable scheme in exchange using a normal installer.
  • Improved font support

1.5.5 - February 9th

  • Fixed security issue with LibreOffice document formats using OLE objects
  • Upgraded Tomcat to 10.0.2
  • Removed UrlRewriteFilter dependency
  • Corrected issues loading documents with malformed text
  • Added width scaling for HTML documents wider than the standard page size
  • Added TRN_MAX_CELL_COUNT for controlling the maximum allowed cells that can be rendered on an excel document
  • CAD document improvements for fonts, zooming and stability
  • General document improvements for stability
  • Fix for GetThumb API incorrectly returning progress lines in JSON return values

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