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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Web / Changelog / 2022 Releases


PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

WebViewer Server 2022 Changelog

2.1.0 - December 9th

  • Added fix where multithreaded image generation for documents at once could cause 1 or more documents to fail
  • Fixed issue where DWF/RVT AutoCAD formats were not being converted correctly
  • Updated Tomcat to 10.0.27
  • Apryse core update to 9.4
  • Addressed issue where document appearances would be created more than necessary
  • Made cache cleaning in both memory and disk faster and more responsive
  • Fixed error which would cause the disk cache to behave erroneously if TRN_MAX_CACHED_MB was set to 0
  • Fixed error where the cache would be deleted before necessary
  • Added new option TRN_MAX_MEMORY_CACHE_AGE_MINUTES - this option directly controls the size of the in memory cache, previously this was tied to the disk cache time limit TRN_MAX_CACHE_AGE_MINUTES and made controlling these options difficult
  • Corrected problem where unicode characters would be lost from document outlines
  • Fixed failure with status and queue checks that could cause health issues
  • Fixed issue with rendering some HTML files
  • Fixed issue where small documents (lower than 32 MB) were linearized when unnecessary
  • Fixed issue where an extra unnecessary thumbnail would be generated on document initial load
  • Made it so the server correctly picks up known web fonts for WebViewer
  • Added more status reporting in debug mode
  • Fixed problem when using a cacheKey below 40 characters and TRN_ENABLE_AUTH_SESSION would cause work to fail
  • Corrected issue where the blackbox logs within the container would be labeled with the incorrect date
  • Changed the built in health check to no longer use curl
  • Updated Cloudformation template to version 2.0.4

2.0.0 - August 16th

  • Added process seperation between Tomcat and Apryse libraries. This means document specific crashes will no longer crash the server. It should rapidly recover from any document related crash.
  • Introduces a 10% performance increase in rendering times and a 40% reduction in memory usage with high frequency requests
  • Java version updated from 8 to 17 in both Windows and Docker versions
  • Apryse core update to 9.3
  • Updated Imaging, MsgToEML, HTML2PDF and CAD libraries.
  • Updated Tomcat to 10.0.23
  • Security update to deal with a collection of CVE issues
  • Added support for smart chunking of document annotations, requires WebViewer 8.7 or greater
  • Fixed issue where disableWebsockets did not work properly, requires WebViewer 8.7 or greater
  • Fixed issue where all supported Core formats were not included on WebViewer Server
  • Fixed issue where authentication did not work on document uploads.
  • Improved error handling for bad formats
  • Now uses better random generation for various IDs across WebViewer Server
  • Updated Java libraries in use to the latest available
  • Logging improvements
  • TRN_DEBUG_MODE when enabled will now greatly increase the amount of visible logs and when disabled less logs will be present than prior
  • The previous version removed cacheKey as the sole source of the file name when used in loadDocument, this behaviour has been restored
  • Removed curl from Docker image as it tends to be flagged for CVEs

1.5.8 - March 3rd

  • Apryse core update to 9.2
  • Added rasterization options
  • Added custom appearances support for Webviewer, requires version 8.3
  • Added ability to block domains directly on WebViewer Server TRN_BLOCKED_DOMAINS
  • Added a way to strip URL information from server logs TRN_STRIP_URLS
  • Now supports setting all officeOptions from the WebViewer client, requires version 8.3
  • Updated Tomcat to 10.0.16
  • Fixed issue where fast and simultaneous AutoCAD conversions could crash the server
  • Fixed issue where connections could arbitrarily be terminated when doing AutoCAD and OCR based conversions
  • Corrected issue where number of cores on a system were not being calculated as expected, this would impact number of simultaneous running jobs
  • Fixed issue where importing self signed file server certificates did not work
  • Added fix to prevent HTML conversions from blocking other conversions
  • Added fix where HTML documents could sometimes cause conversion to use up its maximum shared memory pool and leave it in an inoperable state
  • Default maximum XLSX/XLS unique cell counts now default to 250,000
  • Improved server initialization process for cleaner shutdown and startup
  • Improved memory handling of several low impact server jobs
  • [Windows] Fixed issue where sometimes the service would not shutdown
  • [Windows] Updated OpenJDK to 8u312-b07
  • [Windows] Fixed issue where uninstalling WebViewer Server would not fully uninstall LibreOffice components, and would be left in a broken state if the uninstaller was ran, and WebViewer Server was installed again afterwards.
  • [Cloudformation] Improved notification handling
  • [Cloudformation] Fixed outputs for Cloudwatch Logs
  • [WV-Loadbalancer] Updated HAProxy to 2.5.2 and improved routing handling
  • [WV-Loadbalancer] Lowered connection timeouts for improved responsiveness

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