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Version 6.3.2 Changelog (2020-06-02)


  • Fixed issue loading a particular corrupt file
  • Fixed issue where WebViewer.getInstance wouldn't return all properties on the instance object
  • Fixed issue where calling CoreControls.disableEmbeddedJavaScript throws an error for documents that have embedded JS
  • Fixed issue where the active element might be null when removing pages
  • Fixed issue with serializing and deserializing modified-date attribute for widgets
  • Fixed issue with importAnnotCommand where a reply annotation doesn't add the reply to its parent
  • Fixed issue where a dropdown list value wasn't settable by embedded JS
  • Fixed issue with calling getFileData with <xfdf></xfdf> as the XFDF string
  • Fixed issue where you can type past max/min zoom level and exposed APIs to get max/min zoom level
  • Fixed issues with selecting and deleting mentions
  • Fixed issue where you could edit the measurement overlay in readonly mode
  • Fixed issue where pasting into a FreeText would scroll the document to the left

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