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Version 7.1.0 Changelog (2020-09-21)

WebViewer Core



  • Fixed issue where signature widget in read only mode was still clickable
  • Fixed issue where embedded JS print function wasn't triggered properly
  • Fixed issue where file attachments imported without NoZoom wouldn't display in the correct location
  • Fixed issue where double clicking a freetext annotation where there is text underneath would select the text instead
  • Fixed issue where annotations weren't flagged as modified when changing the Id, PageNumber or Author
  • Fixed issue where Core.Search.WHOLE_WORD was not set correctly
  • Fixed issue where the renderRect option in loadCanvasAsync wasn't working properly
  • Fixed issue where the eraser tool wasn't always able to erase sticky annotations
  • Fixed issue where the crop tool was updating the AnnotationHistoryManager stack
  • Fixed issue where the AnnotationHistoryManager stack wasn't being cleared when loading a new document
  • Fixed several inconsistencies in the TypeScript declaration file
  • Fixed issue where certain formats didn't work with the form field date picker
  • Fixed issue where FreeText annotations were not editable after rotating pages
  • Fixed issues with ellipse measurements not being updated in all cases
  • Fixed issue where signature annotations were becoming associated with signature widgets on a different page in some cases

WebViewer UI


  • Added a form editing button which uses the new WidgetEditingManager APIs
  • Added reader mode which allows users to read documents more easily, similar to an e-book reader
  • Added a line connecting the comment in the notes panel with the annotation on the page when the annotation is selected.
  • Added an experimental text editing button that allows users to edit selected text
  • Added handler for the embedded JavaScript print API
  • Added setPrintedNoteDateFormat which sets the format for displaying the date when a note is printed
  • Added a notesInLeftPanel option to the WebViewer constructor which moves the notes panel from the right side to the left
  • Added a selectAnnotationOnCreation option to the WebViewer constructor which automatically selects annotations when they are created
  • Added print quality option in the print modal to allow printing at high quality
  • Added the printInBackground API which allows you to triggering printing without opening the print modal
  • Added new sort and filter options for notes
  • Improved translations for several languages


  • Fixed issue where the menu overlay closes when hovering over text
  • Fixed issue where password modal does not close when error modal appears
  • Fixed issue where properties of buttons in the menu overlay couldn't be customized
  • Fixed issue where tall modals were not scrollable on small screens
  • Fixed missing data elements for buttons in menu overlay
  • Fixed issue where notes could be overlapping
  • Fixed issue with stroke thickness for signatures
  • Fixed issue where note state was not disabled in readonly mode
  • Fixed various styling issues

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