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WebViewer BIM

WebViewer BIM allows you to view, annotate and collaborate on BIM models.

  • Load models from your own servers without relying on the cloud.
  • Navigate complex BIM models with the look and feel of the familiar Webviewer UI.
  • Traverse the model tree and toggle visibility of objects.
  • View model properties and rich metadata such as material and dimensional information.
  • Annotate BIM models to track design issues.

Check out the online demo to see all capabilities WebViewer BIM offers.

This sample uses the BIM addon for WebViewer. It allows the loading of BIM models in .ifc format.


There are two components to WebViewer BIM:

  1. Server-side file conversion that supports 3D streaming to the client.
  2. Client-side 3D viewer that renders BIM models and allows navigation entirely encapsulated in our familiar WebViewer UI.

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