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Setting up WebViewer BIM Client

To get the sample working, both WebViewer BIM client and server must be setup and running. The server URL will be referenced in the front-end to allow communication between client and server.


It is recommended you install Node and npm.

Setup application

  1. Run the following:
git clone
cd webviewer-BIM-sample
npm install
  1. Change serverURL variable in App.js to wherever your server is hosted. See Setting up WebViewer BIM Server section for details.
WebViewer({ path: "/webviewer/lib" }, viewer.current).then(async (instance) => {
  const license = `---- Insert commercial license key here after purchase ----`;
  const serverURL = `---- Insert server URL after setup ----`;

  const options = getViewerOptions(license);
  const webviewerBIM = await initializeBimViewer(instance, serverURL, options);
    "Add URL to your 3D asset here"

Run application

After setup is complete, run the application:

npm start

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