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Setting up WebViewer BIM Server

WebViewer BIM Server is a REST server for performing 3D document work.

This server comes packaged as a Docker image available for Linux, MacOS Intel (not in M1) or Windows.


Setting up Server

Pull latest webviewer bim server image:

docker pull pdftron/webviewer-bim-server:latest

Configuring Server

The BIM server supports both setting configuration through a config file and setting it directly through environment variables. To set configuration through a config file take the following steps:

The configuration file is a JSON file with the following options:

  • license - The server license key
  • temp_directory - The temp directory to use for processing. Defaults to ./sys/tmp
  • log_directory - The log directory to use for server logs. Defaults to ./sys/logs
  • data_directory - The directory to store cached data in. Defaults to ./sys/data
  • log_level - Sets the logging level. Accepts DEBUGINFOTRACEWARN
  • num_threads - The number of concurrent jobs to target. Defaults to number of CPUs detected minus 1.
  • bind_address - The server binding address. Defaults to
  • port - The server port. Defaults to 8085
  • max_cache_size - The maximum cache size before forcing cache deletion. Defaults to 90% of the available disk.
  • force_zero_cache- Force cache to constantly be removed. Defaults to false
  • release_mode - Sets HTTP to release mode, defaults to true.
  • request_timeout - Maximum time to wait for an HTTP request result in seconds. Defaults to 10 seconds.
  • job_timeout - Maximum time to wait for a job to complete . Defaults to 10 minutes.
  • use_https - If true, enables HTTPS and uses the HTTPSPort. Defaults to false
  • https_port - HTTPS port, defaults to 443
  • https_cert_file - The HTTPS public certificate location.
  • https_key_file - The HTTPS private certificate location.
  • allowed_origins - The origins allowed to access the server. Expects a string array ['','']

A sample of what the json file should look like.

   "license": "my_license_key",
   "allowed_origins": ["", ""],
   "request_timeout": 30

In order to pass these arguments as enviroment variables, just run the docker contianer with variable with the prefix trn_, such as:

docker run -e trn_license="MYLICENSE" -p 8085:8085 pdftron/webviewer-bim-server

Running Server

Running with Docker and configuration file

docker run -p 8085:8085 -v ABSOLUTE_PATH_TO_CONFIG_JSON_FILE:/home/docjob/config pdftron/webviewer-bim-server
Replace ABSOLUTE_PATH_TO_CONFIG_JSON_FILE with the path of your config.json file

This will mount the config file to the container into the path /home/docjob/config where it will be loaded from.

Running with Docker and environment variables

docker run -p 8085:8085 -e trn_license="my_license_key" pdftron/webviewer-bim-server
Replace trn_license with the license that Apryse provides

This will run the container with the configuration variable trn_license defined.

Managing Docker

It's important to maintain uptime when using a docker container. The best way to do this is with a container management tool such as Portainer, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker, ECS and much more.

When managing your webviewer-bim-server container, you can use its built in health API to monitor its status.

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