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Android / Changelog / v6.7.0

Version 6.7.0 Changelog (April 14, 2016)


Release Date: April 14, 2016


This release brings the core PDF functionality to version 6.7.0 of the desktop SDKs. More information regarding core PDF functionality updates can be found on What's New page.


  • All PDFNet package names starting with pdftron are changed to com.pdftron, also, all package names are now changed to lower case. You will still be able to use the old package names for a limited amount of time. They are deprecated and will be removed in the next official release.
  • Most public methods in PDFViewCtrl will now throw PDFNetException.


  • Full Version Only: Request first page previews for files via DocumentPreviewCache
  • Full Version Only: Universal document conversion via (DocumentConversion)Convert.universalConversion(String, WordToPDFOptions)
  • Full Version Only: Open and view non-PDF document including docx, jpeg, jpg, gif, png and cbz while it is being converted to PDF
  • Support for right to left languages (RTL support in TextExtractor only available in full version of the library)
  • Improved page sliding animation
  • Added double tap zoom animation
  • Set the color post processing transformation to achieve different color viewing mode such as Sepia
  • Improved ink smoothing
  • A TextHighlighter tool for highlighting all search result
  • Copy and paste annotations
  • Change the color and shape of sticky notes
  • Change the color and thickness of signature
  • Inline freetext tool creation/editing
  • Select different fonts for freetext
  • Full Version Only: A ReflowControl utility class that can be used to show flexible reflow format of PDF documents
  • A new UserCropSelectionDialogFragment utility class that enables user to crop pages either automatically or manually without modifying the PDF
  • A PrintAnnotationsSummaryDialogFragment enabling user to select the contents to print such as summary of annotations
  • An AddPageDialogFragment allowing user to add new pages as lined, grid, graph and music paper
  • A SearchResultsPopupWindow for full document search
  • Improved ThumbnailsViewFragment that allows page rotation, importing pages from other files as well as exporting pages to a separate file
  • Improved AnnotationDialogFragment that allows exporting annotation summary to a separate file
Complete Reader
  • Insert images onto existing pages as stamp
  • Merging files for all file formats supported by the PDFViewCtrl (Non-PDF formats only available in full version of the library)


  • PDFViewCtrl.openUniversalDocument(DocumentConversion)
  • PDFViewCtrl.setPageSpacingDP(int, int, int, int)
  • (int)PDFViewCtrl.getPageBox()
  • PDFViewCtrl.setPageBox(int)
  • PDFViewCtrl.hideAnnotation(Annot)
  • PDFViewCtrl.showAnnotation(Annot)
  • (int)PDFViewCtrl.getClientBackgroundColor()
  • PDFViewCtrl.setNextOnLayoutAdjustments(int, int, Boolean)
  • PDFViewCtrl.getContentSize(int[])
  • (ArrayList<Annot>)PDFViewCtrl.getAnnotationListAt(int, int, int, int)
  • PDFViewCtrl.setColorPostProcessColors(int, int)
  • PDFViewCtrl.setColorPostProcessMapFile(Filter)
  • (int[])PDFViewCtrl.getVisiblePagesInTransition()
  • Print.exportAnnotations(PDFDoc, bool)


  • Many UI improvements
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

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