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Android / Changelog / v6.8.4

Version 6.8.4 Changelog (June 15, 2018)


Release Date: June 15, 2018

New features

  • New date/time picker for form fields with corresponding properties
  • numberDecimal keyboard input mode is now used for form fields with corresponding properties


  • Fixed: Signature dialog's style picker did not update the stroke correctly
  • Fixed: Signature mode did not work on tap sometimes; signature dialog did not resize when rotating the device
  • Fixed: Annotation Toolbar's button selection sometimes did not match the real tool mode currently in use
  • Fixed: onLayout was called excessively in Annotation Toolbar
  • Fixed: Long press on annotation freezed the app
  • Fixed: Multiple EditText would show on screen when creating free text
  • Fixed: Freetext had different styles when creating from Annotation Toolbar than creating from Quick Menu
  • Fixed: Refreshing in the root directory of SD card tab in AdvancedReaderActivity resulted in empty list
  • Fixed: Tapping outside of a page should not create any type of annotations
  • Fixed: Ink with no strokes still showed up in the Annotation List after using eraser
  • Fixed: Centralize toast creation to ensure valid Context
  • Fixed: Potential slowness when creating new PDFDoc from SecondaryFileFilter
  • Fixed: Annotation comments indicator now will not show if comments were added via ToolManager.isCopyAnnotatedTextToNoteEnabled
  • Fixed: Style picker's color view sometimes shifted to strange location
  • Fixed: Freehand tool sometimes didn't behave correctly when in multi-page modes

Breaking changes

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