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iOS / Changelog / v6.0.0

Version 6.0.0

Release Date: 2013.06.18

Changes to PDFNet

  • More accurate hit testing for shape annotations, so that a user must touch the actual annotation rather than just its bounding box.
  • New PDFViewCtrl delegate method onSetDoc:.
  • PDFViewCtrl now provides new convenience methods for read and write locking, trylocking and unlocking the currently displayed document. The old convenience methods still work but have been deprecated.
  • PDFViewCtrl delegate method textSearchResult: now provides a selection object.
  • PDFViewCtrl method highlightSelectedTextWithColor:(UIColor*) has been replaced with highlightSelection:(Selection*) withColor:(UIColor*).
  • Fixes for a variety of bugs.

Changes to libTools.a and its source files:

  • Line and arrow edit tool changed to only have a selection dot at the end of the line (arrow)
  • Changed locking of the document to use the PDFViewCtrl's locking methods.
  • Added support for following links embedded in buttons
  • Support text fields' MaxLen property to limit the number of characters that a user can enter.
  • Uses new smart zoom feature in response to a double tap.
  • Changes to the included sample project:
  • Built-in support for navigating bookmarks.
  • A new page slider that allows for fast navigation between pages in large documents
  • A popup that allows the user to go directly to a specific page

Improved aesthetics, including retina icons

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