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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Web / Changelog / v6.3


PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Version 6.3.0 Changelog (2020-05-06)


  • Added support for rich text content inside FreeText annotations . Different text colors and styles (e.g. bold, italic) can be applied to different parts of the text.
  • Added a date picker widget that appears when editing a text input that expects a date
  • Added a mentions API to instance. The API can be used to show usernames when @ is entered in textareas in the notes panel
  • Added support for displaying all line annotation endings (e.g. closed arrow, diamond)
  • Added a Document.getFileSize API which gets the size of the currently loaded file
  • Added the enableViewStateAnnotations constructor option which adds a tool to create sticky note annotations that store the current viewer state when added. When the annotation is double clicked the viewer state is restored.
  • Updated behavior so that when pages are moved or removed links will still point to the correct page
  • Updated custom annotation sample to use the triangle annotation
  • Updated moment.js to the latest version
  • Updated insertPages API where now the pageArray, insertBeforeThisPage are optional
  • Updated diff sample to sync up page numbers when not in alignment mode
  • Improved the download speed when downloading a document with many pages


  • Fixed issue where applying a redaction could delete other annotations even if they weren't overlapping
  • Fixed issue where signatures will shift horizontally after being added to the document if the document has a default rotation of 90 or 270
  • Fixed issue where the annotation selection rectangle was offset when creating a custom UI
  • Fixed issue where in some cases embedded JS didn't set radio button values correctly
  • Fixed issue where the commitOnSelChange flag wasn't able to be updated by embedded JS
  • Fixed issue with undo/redo of annotation grouping not working
  • Fixed issue with getting the latest annotation state if there was a reply after the last state change
  • Fixed error that sometimes occurs when pages are moved in single page mode
  • Fixed issue where freehand annotations stop drawing while a document is loading
  • Fixed highlight issue with blend mode on some rotated documents
  • Fixed issues with serializing border styles
  • Fixed issue where fetching a PDF document with the useDownloader: false option will output a warning message in the console
  • Fixed issue where file attachment data wasn't available yet in the annotationChanged event
  • Fixed issue where text couldn't be deleted in Firefox when a tool is selected
  • Fixed issue where holding shift for the line create tool does not work
  • Fixed issue where current page number is sometimes not set properly when scrolling through pages at small zoom levels
  • Fixed issue where single click on the document using the distance measurement tool when snap mode is enabled will create an invisible annotation with NaN distance
  • Fixed issue where eraser tool will erase form fields
  • Fixed issue with display of diff sample overlay when in alignment mode
  • Fixed issue where random_device was logged in the console in IE and Edge
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the popup isn't placed in the visible region when an annotation is selected.
  • Fixed issue where the distance of the line annotation isn't the same as the value entered in the calibration modal
  • Fixed issue where tooltip for customElement header objects isn't showing even if the title property is present
  • Fixed issue where pressing up or down keys while typing in a focusable element would result in a page scroll

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