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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Xamarin / Changelog / v8.0.1



PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Version 8.0.1 Changelog (November 10, 2020)

Version: 8.0.1

Release Date: November 10, 2020


This release of Apryse for Xamarin brings the core PDF functionality and iOS and Android Tools functionality inline with version 8.0.1 of the iOS and Android SDKs. More information can be found on What's New for iOS and What's New for Android .


New features

  • Free text with rich content now supports vector appearance, plus UX improvements

Dependency changes

  • PDFTron.Android.RichEditor is now removed from the PDFViewCtrlTools library project and all samples


New features

  • It is now possible to scroll and zoom using two fingers, making concurrent annotating and viewing a seamless experience.

  • Free-text improvements:

    • There is a new keyboard accessory view that allows convenient access to changing the font face, size and color.
    - When editing a text annotation, its bounding box will automatically grow to accomodate the new text. - Tapping on a selected text annotation will enter edit mode.
  • PencilKit annotations that include only highlight annotations are now multiply-blended with the document (as opposed to alpha-blended), giving them an appearance that more accurately resembles a real-life highlighter. This behavior can be toggled using the PencilHighlightMultiplyBlendModeEnabled property on the PTToolsSettingsManager class.

    Highlight Blending DisabledHighlight Blending Enabled
    Highlight Blending DisabledHighlight Blending Enabled
  • When viewing a PDF in horizontal scrolling mode, the page will be scaled down so that the entire page is visible. This behavior can be controlled via the PageFitsBetweenBars property on the PTDocumentBaseViewController class.

  • This release turns on color management by default, using a new highly accurate CMYK color profile. This will ensure CMYK color space PDFs are displayed with accurate colors, at the cost of very slightly slower rendering. If desired, this can be turned off with PDFNet.SetColorManagement(e_no_cms).

  • Numeric and date form fields will now automatically show a numeric or date picking keyboard. Numeric fields restrict input to numeric characters.

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