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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Android / Changelog / v8.1.2


PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Version 8.1.2 Changelog (March 2, 2021)


Release Date: March 2, 2021

New features

Toolbar editor
  • Adds ability to close inactive tabs
  • Adds API to show/hide tabs on phones, default to false
  • Adds API to show/hide scrollbar when scrolling and zooming, default to false
  • Adds style attribute showAddBookmarkMenuItem to hide add bookmark menu item in the thumbnails browser


  • Fixed potential crash when clearing signature too quickly while signing
  • Fixed issue where existing signature cannot be selected while in signature tool
  • Fixed issue where link and form field made in the viewer does not appear on the annotations list
  • Fixed issue where annotation is not committed for multi-stroke annotation when selecting other options menu
  • Fixed issue where long press annotation creation does not respect setAutoSelect config
  • Fixed issue where the magnifying glass gets stuck on screen in some situations
  • Fixed issue where free text and sticky note popup window does not auto focus
  • Fixed issue where quick menu annotation creation uses incorrect annotation style
  • Fixed issue where content is not saved in free text popup window during an orientation change
  • Fixed issue where the top toolbar gets cut off by device inset
  • Fixed issue where scrollbar not behaving correctly on large documents
  • Fixed issue where setShowUndoRedo config not behaving correctly when set to false
  • Fixed issue where query params are not detected for image URLs
  • Fixed issue where user id is not set correctly when copying and pasting existing annotations by a new user
  • Fixed issue where changes to non-pdf files are not saved to temp file
  • Fixed issue where file path for converted file is returned wrong when calling getFilePath
  • Fixed issue where sticky note dialog not showing up
  • Fixed issue where infinite loop occurs when removing tabs for URL files
  • Fixed issue where infinite loop occurs when overriding basic annotation listener


PDFViewCtrlTools package


new method: boolean getShowUndoRedo()


new method: void addToolManagerChangedListener(ToolManagerChangedListener)

new method: void removeToolManagerChangedListener(ToolManagerChangedListener)

removed method: void addDisabledToolModesChangedListener(DisabledToolModeChangedListener)

removed method: void removeDisabledToolModeChangedListener(DisabledToolModeChangedListener)


removed interface: DisabledToolModeChangedListener

removed method: void onDisabledToolModeChanged(Set<ToolMode>)


new interface: ToolManagerChangedListener

new method: void onDisabledToolModeChanged(Set<ToolMode>)

new method: void onUndoRedoShownChanged(Boolean)


new static method: boolean isSignature(Annot)


new static final field: String DEFAULT_STYLUS_TOOL_MODE

new static final field: String KEY_PREF_NEW_UI_SHOW_TAB_BAR_PHONE

new static method: ToolMode getDefaultStylusToolMode(Context)

new static method: boolean getShowScrollbarOption(Context)

new static method: boolean getShowTabBarForPhone(Context)

new static method: void setDefaultStylusToolMode(Context, ToolMode)

new static method: void setShowScrollbarOption(Context, boolean)

new static method: void setShowTabBarForPhone(Context, boolean)


new method: void setClientBackgroundColor(int)


new class: QuickMenuToolbarItem

new constructor: QuickMenuToolbarItem(String, ToolbarButtonType, int, boolean, int, int, int, boolean, int)

new constructor: QuickMenuToolbarItem(String, ToolbarButtonType, int, boolean, int, int, int, int)

new static field: String QUICK_MENU_TOOL_STYLE_ID

new method: String getStyleId()


new method: boolean isEditing()

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