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Version 6.10.1 Changelog (March 28th, 2019)

  • Version:
  • Release Date: March 28th, 2019
  • Built with Xcode 10.1 (10B61)


  • New measurements tools: PTRulerCreate, PTPerimeterCreate, and PTAreaCreate.

  • A new file comparison UI control, the PTDiffController, allows two PDF documents to be compared to produce a visual diff. For more information, please see our File comparison guide.

    File comparison control.
    The file comparison control.
  • New redaction tools, PTRectangleRedactionCreate and PTTextRedactionCreate, for creating redaction annotations as well as support for redacting content from a document. Please see our redaction tool guide for more information.

  • PTFormFillTool now has the option to display buttons above the keyboard while filling text fields to move to the next or previous text field. This feature allows for quick navigation on a page with many text fields. Please see the displaysInputAccessoryView property on the PTFormFillTool tool class.

    Form field advance
    The form field advance toolbar and buttons for a text field.
  • Support for creating and opening file attachment annotations. The new PTFileAttachmentCreate tool handles the creation of file attachments and the PTToolManager exposes a flexible API to handle existing file attachments in documents.

    The PTDocumentViewController and PTTabbedDocumentViewController are capable of opening file attachments. You can also add your own custom file attachment code with the help of the dedicated PTToolManagerDelegate method and the PTFileAttachmentHandler class, which handles exporting the file attachment to a file:

    func toolManager(_ toolManager: PTToolManager, handle fileAttachment: PTFileAttachment, onPageNumber pageNumber: UInt) {
        let handler = PTFileAttachmentHandler()
        handler.delegate = self
        handler.export(fileAttachment, from: self.doc)
    func fileAttachmentHandler(_ fileAttachmentHandler: PTFileAttachmentHandler, didExport fileAttachment: PTFileAttachment, from doc: PTPDFDoc, to exportedURL: URL) {
        // Handle exported file attachment.

Bug fixes

  • A number of miscellaneous bug fixes.

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