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Web / FAQ / Load updated WebViewer files without clearing cache

How to load updated WebViewer files without clearing cache?

Change the actual file location of WebViewer's lib folder for each version.

Example: If WebViewer version 5.2.8 was used:

  1. Create a new folder
  2. put the WebViewer files in that folder
  3. then change the syntax to be something along the lines of:
  path: '5.2.8/lib'

Example: If upgrading to WebViewer 6.0 then follow similiar instructions to above:

  path: '6.0/lib'

Optional Step:

Modify the main html page of the app such that it won't have the caching headers from the server set for too long.

When the version is updated, the HTML page will be updated to point to a new WebViewer path which isn't cached by the users.


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