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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

What is the BCID?

What is the BCID?

When Webviewer attempts to connect to a WebViewer Server instance it will include a query parameter called BCID when using versions of WebViewer above 7.0. This parameter is used in conjunction with our wv-loadbalancer to maintain client stickiness to individual servers.

Every time a new document is opened in WebViewer, a new BCID is generated. The wv-loadbalancer will then see this ID and assign it to one of its available servers. From this point forward, that document session will be tied to that server. Once a new document is opened, this BCID is generated again, and the wv-loadbalancer chooses a server for this new session.

You can leverage this BCID to maintain stickiness for your instance of WebViewer Server even if you are not using our load balancer. The following code is how this is done inside of HAProxy.

# create a stick table and stick on the query parameter 'bcid'
stick-table type string len 40 size 5M expire 1d
stick on url_param(bcid)

This BCID can be used in conjunction with what was discussed in this guide

You can access the BCID client side in WebViewer by following the directions here .

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