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Outlining/Bookmarking documents in WebViewer

Outlines and bookmarks are often used interchangeably. In fact, outlines are considered part of the PDF document, providing a hierarchical structure to it, and can be nested to form an outline tree. The outline can be thought of as a table of contents. Meanwhile, bookmarks allow users to save their position within the document.

Outlines typically represent an outline of a document. Since each outline is associated to a specific page, it provides the ability to link to a different page or section in a document allowing the user to navigate interactively from one part of the document to another.


Edit Table of Contents
User Bookmarks

Get started

Outline tree
An introduction to outline tree.

Adding an outline
To add an outline in an existing document.

Editing an outline
To edit an outline in an existing document.

Remove an outline
To remove an outline in an existing document.

User bookmarks
To display a list of user-defined bookmarks that are not available to other PDF viewers.

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