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Custom Signing using JavaScript

The Apryse custom signing API is a set of APIs related to cryptographic digital signatures which allows users to customize the process of signing documents. Among other things, this includes the capability to allow for easy integration of PDF-specific signing-related operations with access to Hardware Security Module (HSM) tokens/devices, access to cloud keystores, access to system keystores, etc. The intent behind this API is to remove the old, tricky, and complicated requirement for users with specific needs to create custom SignatureHandler functor objects.

What follows is a simple code guide to the use of the custom signing API. Please note: any of the steps can be replaced with your own code that provides some custom functionality.

At this point, use your signing provider (e.g. HSM device, cloud keystore) to sign the digest of signedAttrs. Your input should be the variable signedAttrs_digest. In the following code, we assume the output is in a variable named signature_value.

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