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Customizing WebViewer UI

WebViewer is highly configurable and comes with a rich set of APIs which allow developers to customize and manipulate documents in many ways. These guides will show you the best place to make your customizations.

Get started

Setup WebViewer for UI customization
To setup Webviewer to display and enable UI customizations.

Default UI
Learn more about the default UI that WebViewer comes with.

Customizing header
To customize the header items.

Customizing popup
To customize the popup.

Customizing style
To customize the style or theme.

To leverage i18next for languages and internationalization support.

To customize the style or theme.

Create a walkthrough or a product tour for WebViewer UI.

Hide/Show DOM elements
To hide DOM elements initially and dynamically.

Advanced customization
To branch or fork the source code and make your own unique customizations.

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