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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Setting default annotation properties in iOS viewer

When creating a new annotation, the initial properties (such as line thickness, fill colour, opacity, etc.) are set to the last value that the user selected for an annotation of that type. For example, if the user changes an ellipse annotation's stroke color from green to red, the next ellipse annotation that the user creates would have a stroke color of red. These default colors are saved in the app's user default dictionary.

The tools read and write values via the Tools.frameworkPTColorDefaults type (class) interface.

It is possible to use this interface from outside of the tools framework itself, and you could do so based on events within your app or when notified of certain events by the PTToolManager.


Sets the default stroke color for rectangle annotations.

PTColorDefaults.setDefaultColor(, forAnnotType: e_ptSquare, attribute: ATTRIBUTE_STROKE_COLOR, colorPostProcessMode: e_ptpostprocess_none)

Reads the default fill color for ellipse annotations.

let fillColor = PTColorDefaults.defaultColor(forAnnotType: e_ptCircle, attribute: ATTRIBUTE_FILL_COLOR, colorPostProcessMode: pdfViewCtrl.getColorPostProcessMode())

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