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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

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PDFTron is now Apryse, learn more here.

Disable annotation creation and editing in iOS viewer

The long-press popup menu and PTAnnotationToolbar show a default set of annotation creation tools. Editing of existing annotations is enabled for all annotation types by default. Other actions that are not tied to annotation creation, like text selection, form filling, and link following, are enabled by default.

Disable annotation tools

Annotation creation and editing can be disabled on the PTToolManager using the PTAnnotationOptions property for a particular annotation type, such as textAnnotationOptions

// Disable text highlight annotation creation and editing.
self.toolManager.highlightAnnotationOptions.canCreate = false
self.toolManager.highlightAnnotationOptions.canEdit = false

It is also possible to disable annotation creation and editing based on the PTExtendedAnnotType enum by accessing the PTAnnotationOptions for that type using the annotationOptionsForAnnotType: method.

// Disable text highlight annotation creation and editing.
toolManager.annotationOptions(for: .highlight)?.canCreate = false
toolManager.annotationOptions(for: .highlight)?.canEdit = false

The PTExtendedAnnotType enum extends the basic PTAnnotType to further distinguish annotations based on their properties (line and arrow, polygon and cloudy, etc.). The extendedAnnotType property can be used to get the type of a PTAnnot.

Disable functionality

Functionality that is not directly tied to annotations,like text selection, form filling, link following, and ink erasing, can be disabled on the PTToolManager via convenience properties:

// Disable link following.
self.toolManager.isLinkFollowingEnabled = false

The code above disables link following for link annotations and text links detected by the PTPDFViewCtrl (the setUrlExtraction: method must be called on the PDFViewCtrl to enable text link detection).

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