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PDF & document editing JavaScript library

Document editing provides the ability to change content so that its data can be improved or re-purposed.

Apryse SDK benefits include:

  • Remove specific content from existing pages (e.g. based on some property or on positioning information on the page)
  • Insert or append new content to existing pages
  • Modify properties/attributes on existing graphical elements (e.g. change font, inter-character spacing, fill color, etc.)
  • Edit text, images, and paths
  • Edit document metadata
  • Edit bookmarks and page annotations
  • Undo or redo any change
  • Edit every aspect of the document through COS API

Get started

An introduction to coordinate systems such screen, page, or scrolling coordinates.

Stamp content
To stamp text, image, or PDF page to a PDF document.

To overlay a stamped text on each page of a document as a watermark to documents.

Remove images
To remove all images from a PDF document page.

Reading page content
An introduction to reading page content.

Write page content
An introduction to writing page content.

Replace page content
To replace PDF text or image with a target region.

Graphics state
An introduction to graphics state.

Edit Text on PDF files
Edit text directly on PDF files (experimental feature).

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