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Customizing Android document viewer

After you have added Apryse to your project and added a document viewer , learn how to customize it for your app.

Customize a document viewer

Apryse includes DocumentActivity and PdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment2 for showing documents. To customize their appearance and function, see Customizing a document viewer .

Apryse also includes a low-level ViewGroup (PDFViewCtrl ) to show documents. If you are using it, please see Customizing a PDFViewCtrl .

Customize individual components

Apryse includes a rich set of controls. They are used by the DocumentActivity and PdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment2 , and can also be used independently. To learn more about them, please see a detailed list of each component here .

Customize how users interact with annotations

Annotation and PDF interaction is implemented within the open-source tools package . This includes annotation creation & selection, text selection, form filling, link following, etc.

Customize annotation appearances

To change the way an annotation appears, see the Custom annotation appearance guide.

Customize by modifying the source code

Apryse's tools and demo package shown here are completely open source. Any and all changes are possible by editing the source code directly. All source code can be found in /lib/src.

You can also integrate with source code directly in your application for easy code modification as described here: How to integrate the Apryse libraries from source .

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