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JavaScript Video Annotation Library

WebViewer Video allows annotating mp4, webm, and ogg videos frame by frame inside the browser to allow quickly collaborate and review videos (in addition to all standard functionality and supported file types ).

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This build offers the same annotation tools available for other supported files types, such as freehand annotations, shapes, text, comments, image stamps, and more. Annotations are kept separate from the underlying file and can be saved into a database, as a global XFDF file, or as separate XFDF files for each user. Permissions can be applied to the annotations, providing control over who can see annotations, whether or not some users are read-only, and whether or not they have an ability to annotate.

Webviewer Video supports integration with Webviewer Audio, allowing for audio redactions to be applied to the audio channel.

Get started with WebViewer Video

Get started

Open a video file Load a mp4, webm, or ogg file.

Save and load annotations Save annotations to server, database. Import/export of annotations in XFDF.

Watermark videos Secure your video content from screengrabbing by watermarking each frame.

Make your own UI Create your own custom UI if the one provided by WebViewer Video does not meet your needs.

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